Kids’ Fitness

lets make kid’s fitness fun!

Our primary goal for the kids’ programme is to make fitness fun!

There are a lot of reasons childhood weight issues and obesity are increasing to epidemic proportions, but a significant part of it is inactivity – kids are moving less and sitting around a lot more than they used to.

At Strive for Fitness we strive for fit kids, offering physical programmes for children of different ages and abilities. We want all children to develop a love of fitness that will stay with them as they grow, translating into healthy lifestyle choices and allowing them to reach their full potential.

Our framework is structured, but the focus is fun! We strive to create awesome fitness experiences for your children, building their self-confidence and ensuring that they are participating happily in a safe environment.

We currently offer fitness classes and coaching to groups and individuals of school-age children. We will be extending our programme to pre-school kids soon. Contact us for more details about this.

Kids’ fitness classes

Classes are designed around each child’s age and ability. They include activities and games that build on their physical skills of running, jumping, throwing, kicking, hopping, skipping and balancing. The older and more able the group, the more complex the activities. The primary goal is to make fitness fun!

Individual coaching (school age)

Strength training can help kids build healthy muscles, joints and bones. If your child is ready to participate in organised sports or activities, it is usually safe to start strength training. The goal is to provide your child with an age -appropriate programme so that they develop proper form and technique and learn about safety. Our sessions aren’t designed to ‘bulk’ children’s muscles up; rather we provide a solid foundation for their future physical development, health and fitness.

School groups

COMING SOON! Contact us to find out when.

  • Kids’ group fitness
  • Individual coaching
  • School groups
  • Age 3-5
  • Age 6-8
  • Age 8-12

Is your child is ready?

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