Fitness Consultation

The best project you will ever work on is you!

Before you start your new fitness regime, it’s important to identify what it is you are trying to achieve. A personal fitness consultation with one of our friendly, certified trainers will evaluate, assess and establish your goals, taking into account your medical history, diet, body composition, posture, and much more. We can also help work through any obstacles you have, or have had in the past, in order to create solutions that will ensure you reach your health and fitness goals.

Every Strive for Fitness personal training package includes a comprehensive fitness consultation that includes:

  • A short medical questionnaire
  • Short and long-term goal assessment
  • Meal planning and nutritional guidance
  • A custom exercise programme designed to match your specific fitness goals
  • Body composition measurements (circumference, weight, body fat percentage)
  • A postural Assessment
  • Review of Corrective Stretching/Foam Roll Techniques

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