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Strive for Fitness trains in some of the best locations Perth has to offer!

Outdoor training is a great way to get outside, get fit and get fresh air. The benefits are not only physical, but mental and psychological too. The sunshine, grass, trees and ocean boost your mood and heighten your wellbeing.

Have fun getting fit amongst the natural surrounds of places like Kings Park, Lake Monger, Alderbury Park and Floreat Beach. If your training requirements are more specific, we can train out of the Strive for Fitness studio, or if time is your limitation, we can train at a location more convenient to you.

Doubleview Studio

The Strive for Fitness studio is located in Doubleview, in Perth’s western suburbs. We’re not your typical gym or fitness club; this is a home studio offering a relaxed and personal training environment.

Floreat Beach

Join us on the beach for a Beachfit session involving strength and endurance exercises using predominantly your own body weight. Or if moving better is one of your goals, try the Flexfit (mobility and flexibility) session.

Kings Park

Break away from the office and join me at midday for a fast and fun Boxfit session in the spectacular surrounds of Kings Park.

Lake Monger

Experience the challenge and join a Strive for Fitness Total Body Workout session at beautiful Lake Monger.

Alderbury Park

De-stress and tone-up in a one-hour outdoor Boxfit session at Alderbury Park. Alderbury Park is located on the northern side of Perry Lakes.

Mobile training service

Don’t let a location hold you back from getting to a fitness session! Contact us to arrange for a home visit.

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