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It’s never too late to become
what you might have been – George Eliot

Vanessa Forbes

Hi there!
I’m Vanessa Forbes

Hi there, my name is Vanessa Forbes and I am the personality behind Strive for Fitness.

When we train together, you’ll get a friendly, motivating and informed training experience. I believe that wellness is for everyone, no matter your age, experience or ability. My goal as your fitness coach is for you to succeed in your goals to be a fitter, stronger and happier you!

For me exercise is a critical part of wellbeing, it makes us happy and positively influences our mood. I love fitness and helping others, whether it be increasing their motivation levels or achieving personal goals. It’s very rewarding seeing the smiles on the faces of people I’ve helped, when they experience the benefits of their healthier, stronger and fitter self. I work with people of all ages, from all walks of life – from the extremely fit to the person who can’t remember the last time they exercised – even the ones that don’t like exercise!

I love helping
others set and
achieve their goals.

Behind the scenes, when I’m not on the fitness trail I am a mother to Lily May, a chatty and exceptional little girl who is a keen assistant and sometimes a participant at our group training events. It has been a delight to see how excited and involved she gets in my training world, and it’s highlighted how much our activities influence our children. You’re never too young or too old to start being active!

I love setting and achieving goals for myself, and helping others do the same. I look forward to meeting you on the Strive for Fitness journey!

My Timeline

I have been a Registered Fitness Professional with Fitness Australia for over ten years. A requirement of that registration includes maintaining a Senior First Aid and CPR certification, as well as continued professional development in the fitness industry. I also have a Working With Children Check.

I have always loved sport and played tennis and hockey for many years. Aside from personal training and teaching group fitness classes I still enjoy running and look forward to participating in long distance events again.

My timeline for my achievements, training and certification in the fitness industry.

Animal Flow (coming soon)

Animal Flow (coming soon March 2017) Animal Flow - quadrupedal and ground-based movement to improve mobility, strength, endurance and power

Body Pump advanced instructor module

Focused on technique and advanced coaching in Group fitness.

Wellness coaching Level 1 (Wellness Australia)

Essentials in goal setting and lasting change in exercise, nutrition, weight management and life balance.

Strength and conditioning coach Level 1

Coaching and program design to improve performance of athletes and teams, from club to state level.

Fundamentals of mobility workshop

Essentials in joint rolling, self myofacial release, mobilisations, Activations and stretching.

Personal Trainer Level 2 (10 + years experience)

10+ years experience in the fitness industry.

Kettleworx Training

Kettlebell training for group fitness – focusing on 3 dimentional cardio, core and resistence training.

Nutrition for exercise and sport (Sports Dietitions Australia)

Nutrition principles for sport, weight loss, muscle gain and recovery.

Thump – Knockout PT (THUMP)

Structure for circuit training for small groupsusing body weight exercises and boxing routines.

RPM training

Group indoor cycle training.

Level 1 & Advanced (THUMP)

Technique, development and implementation of boxing related exercises and combinations.

Living longer living stronger – fitness for older adults

Progressive strength training and exercise program designed specifically for the over 50's.

Body Pump training (Les Mills Asia Pacific)

Barbell and resistence based group training.

Ran first marathon (Perth Marathon)

Subsequently ran in another 13 marathons and 20 + half marathons between 2002 and 2009!

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